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Architectural Services

I have over 20 years experience helping people through the construction process. As a keen problem solver I can help you avoid common pitfalls that come with meeting building control and planning regulations.

Opening a dialogue with me early in the design process can actually save you money in the long run.


Consulting me at the earliest stage will allow me to get a real feel for your needs so that together we can establish a clear brief and a realistic budget. This will help reduce the overall design costs and help ensure the project comes in on time and on budget whilst identifying and reducing any potential problems early on. 


Developing the design brief

I will work with you to develop designs that will interpret your ideas imaginatively, maximise your investment, ensure your project is cost effective and can help add real value. My job is to come up with a range of ideas for you and I to discuss, develop and refine together. This is one of my most important skills and roles.

A ‘brief’ is your wish-list, it will cover everything I need to know about what you want from your project. A well-written design brief is essential to success. It should be clear and unambiguous, setting out your key requirements, outlining the vision and communicating your aims and aspirations.

It should fully describe the main function of the finished project; outline your motivation and expectation.

Together we can establish a single point of contact and set a realistic timeframe and budget. I will point out what is possible in terms of cost and design, asking you questions and making suggestions. I am well placed to help identify the best and worst spatial characteristics of your building and I will offer ideas that will enhance the space. Your contribution at this stage is vital and will involve a number of discussions which is essential for the success of a project. The brief will form the basis of the professional contract you have with me.

All building projects are different, every client, every site and therefore every brief is unique. There is no single solution to your project


The Approvals Process

I can help with the approvals required before your project can go ahead, including preparation of applications to the local authority for planning consent (where needed) and for Building Regulations plans approval (which covers the functional requirements of buildings to safeguard your health and safety, energy conservation and access and convenience for all). 


Construction Phase

Guiding you through the construction phase I can help you select suitable builders, obtain appropriate prices for construction, monitor progress and standards, supervise safety on site, liaise with other specialists and oversee the construction through to successful completion.

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